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The Border Lands is the common name of a broken world whose axis has shifted so one pole continually faces the sun while the second faces away.

Once, the world was a wonderful place: the Twin Empires of the Elves and Gnomes ruled with a fair and just hand and dominated a continent. Their reign was one of magic and glory. They created magitech wonders: gateways connected distant regions, cities were built soaring bridges, powerful golems to perform labour, vehicles that could fly across the sky, while simple magical charms and devices made life easier for all. Even the myriad of slave races such as the dwarves, humans, and tieflings were well-treated despite their “inferior” status.

Then the forests burned and seas boiled while the oceans froze and plains cracked. The Great Catastrophe shook the world and brought down the Old Order. The sun ceased its movement across the sky while the oceans steamed or froze: half the world trapped under the ceaseless heat of the blazing sun while the other lay half hidden in cold darkness. Civilization collapsed as the many peoples of the world fell into barbarism and chaos; the wonder was lost.

Only now, centuries after the end, civilization is slowly re-emerging. The former slave races have come into their own and founded their own nations. New homes are built out of the ruins of what had come before, while magical devices, whose creation has long since been forgotten, are carefully used and greatly sought after. Some try to restore what was lost and regain what has been forgotten; others try to erase the past and start anew. Former slaves turn their shackles on others. The ever silent gods speak through clerics who interpret dogma how they see fit as churches divide and fight. Poor peasants turn to banditry in the lawless regions, preying on neighbours. The few scared nations guard their borders closely, forever prepared for war.

In the border between light and dark, fire and ice, everything is gray.




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